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With many years of experience in Magento web development, we offer the best modules for your online store. All modules are developed using good programming practices, which guarantees maximum performance for your online store.

Main benefits of Magento

As the main advantages of Magento, we can highlight:
  • Open-source platform
  • It has the best and most advanced features that an e-commerce platform can offer
  • Strong security and stability requirements
  • Because you have access to the database, your store's information, such as product registration, customers, orders, and transactions are completely private
  • Multi-site and multi-language platform
  • Possibility to customize themes
  • Number of modules developed (free or paid)
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • A large network of professionals who know the platform, not leaving you restricted to just one company

Magento e-commerce platform on the world's largest and most popular choice of e-commerce, with around 25% market share. It is the right solution for online merchants, as it provides meaningful services and ease of use for customers and store managers. With this platform, you can easily improve profitability through cost-effective implementation, increased visitor numbers, multilingual and multi-country support, etc. IT Company Solutions is one of the leading Magento development companies, where you can find Magento's skills at a master's level. We offer scalable, high-performance Magento sites for your business. It is developing as the CMS e-commerce tycoon. We have a team of certified Magento developers with years of experience specializing in e-commerce guidance on the web. Therefore we also present custom web designs in Magento. It Company is working in the field of design and development of Magento. So, we gathered skills and experiences to offer. With Magento comes several features and scopes.



A CMS, or content management system, is a tool that allows you to manage the content on your website in a comfortable and organized way. WordPress is flexible, highly customizable, super-user-friendly, and is simply the best (CMS) today. You can use it for blogs, corporate websites, and even online stores. We have highly qualified developers who can configure and customize your website.

If you are looking for an experienced agency to create your next website, you are talking to the right company! With years of experience creating websites, IT Company specializes in using WordPress, creating a unique (visual) layout for your project, and delivering clean and fast code for your new website.

WordPress Benefits:

It happens to be one of the most famous CMS, many of the users already know the process to use it.

It's content management system is easy to understand and use.

It is effortless to set up; the essential functions already have useful predefined plugins - so start-up costs are lower.

This is the best solution for a simple website as a business introduction portal.

Woocommerce can also be the right solution for smaller eCommerce websites (no more than 100-200 products).

It's open-source - so it's easily transferable between different development agencies. It is updated regularly by a large community, new plugins and additional security features are developed regularly.

We believe in maintaining a fine balance between practicality and bottom-line approach while providing you with custom WordPress site development services.

Get the best of a blend of a conventional approach and an innovation-driven methodology in the form of bespoke WordPress solutions. Our experienced WordPress web developers lead your business for growth and improvement while incorporating a set of visual flourishes and detailing all necessary features. Their constant effort to obtain tailor-made solutions across different business sectors has made us a quality WordPress web development company.


Voted as the clutter-free as well as comfortable using the eCommerce design platform, the Shopify has acquired the web world perfect. Over 175,000 stores have chosen it for its versatility. Shopify is an open-source platform based on the Ruby on Rails architecture, which provides e-commerce websites that can be used on the go. With the attractive themes, payment gateways, customization options of its own, and many new features, Shopify happens to be a scalable as well as a secure platform for the eCommerce designs and developments.

IT Company, as a benchmark in Shopify e-commerce store development, supports you through every step of developing an online store while offering services such as custom website design and Shopify theme development.

Shopify's customer support experts are always ready to answer all of your questions and help you rest easy if you have any questions or doubts.

However, are you looking for something to break the mold and really stand out? This is where the Shopify E-commerce website creation agency comes in.


Which Shopify Plan Is Best Adapted To Your Needs?

Shopify has plans that fit any business model, whether you're just starting your e-commerce journey or already well-established and looking to scale up quickly.

As a recognized Shopify partner, our Shopify E-commerce website builder can offer you expert advice on the plan that best suits your business interests. We can then provide you with a highly optimized platform that will help you achieve your goals. We also help our customers convert their existing online store to Shopify through quality migration services.

You can also engage Shopify developers with IT companies through flexible engagement models to work exclusively on growing your online store. Our holistic approach and agile development method will keep you up to date with the latest trends in online marketing and Shopify tools while creating tailor-made eCommerce solutions for your business.



The creation of plugins on existing components in order to have the desired functionality without having to invest in complete development. This method allows us to carry out your requests without hacking the existing component: security is not compromised. You can continue to make the updates provided by the developers of the component. This solution may be offered to you in certain cases;

The development of a Joomla component fulfilling your requests is sometimes the only solution to implement on your site. Our in-house developers have already created many components. Concerned about the quality of the code and the security, our developers develop according to the Joomla API in order to have a component in native code. To have a fast and efficient component, we use "Open Source" frameworks and libraries in our developments, so that you have easier management on the public site and in the administration.

Sometimes only the development of a specific and tailor-made extension will be able to meet the functionalities you are looking for or the specifics of your specifications.

If all you need is fast turnaround time and quality web solutions at a great cost, the Joomla platform is for you. Joomla is a preferred CMS for many businesses to stay connected with a large customer base in a more personalized way.

It offers many native features or easily integrated thanks to an active community and an online store; its handling is easy.

We develop specific components according to your specifications and your needs. Our Joomla experts will answer and advise you on all existing components or for a particular component. We can develop native Joomla components as well as simple and powerful components that are quick to deploy using the fof method.

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