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Mobile advertising continues to grow and evolve. Mobile applications continue to be a tool that favors direct contact with the brand, for corporate, entertainment, or mobile marketing use. But very few companies have any mobile strategy.

We develop Mobile Apps for all companies and businesses that want to grow and generate new opportunities and increase their sales through the following services:

Although it may not seem like it, applications have been around for a long time. Before starting to design them, we want you to know them: What are their types and characteristics? What happens to be the differences between these and the mobile web?

Applications, also called apps, have been around on phones for a long time; they were already included in Nokia or Blackberry operating systems years ago. The mobiles of that time had small and often non-touch screens, and they are what we now call feature phones, as opposed to more current smartphones.

In essence, an application is still software. To understand the concept a little better, we can say that applications are for mobiles what programs are for desktop computers.

Currently, we find applications of all kinds, shapes, and colors, but in the first phones, they were focused on improving personal productivity: they were alarms, calendars, calculators, and mail clients.


There was a significant change with the iPhone's entry to the market since, with it, new business models were generated that made the applications something profitable, both for developers and for application markets, such as the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store.

Simultaneously, they also improved the tools available to designers and programmers to develop apps, facilitating the task of producing an application, and launching it on the market, even on their own.



The Android applications have become a short space of time a powerful ally of mobile marketing as they allow companies to interact with consumers quickly and directly through the immediate channel: the mobile phone.

As Google is generally accustomed to all of us in all its initiatives, the growth has been tremendous, quickly debating the iPhone's leadership for the price and quality. Android has become a reference in the development of applications in the business world, thanks to its complete flexibility in developing and using its devices. Any mobile marketing initiative must include its version for Android.

At IT Company, we are experts in "smartphone" technologies. Our team of engineers will advise you to obtain your tailor-made application, making the most of the terminal's possibilities.

At IT Company, we are committed to custom development for Android devices due to its complete suite of tools and its ability to provide quality software, implementing useful and quality mobile applications that provide added value to its users, always bearing in mind that the apps They must be as intuitive and light as possible, for this, we connect the applications to different servers, to perform complicated operations on them and return the necessary information.

We can create your custom application or adapt your application previously developed for iOS. We will adapt your application to the most suitable Android interface for your needs.

Our custom application development services include:

- Study and Analysis of Requirements

- Design, development, and implementation of the application

- System integration

- Re-engineering operations, Performance optimization and Portability

- Implementation and customization of software packages

- Application maintenance service

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