A digital marketing agency Arvi Webaholic should have a deep understanding of Google's policies and requirements for obtaining The Google Guarantee. They can guide you through the entire process and provide insights into the specific criteria that Google looks for in your industry. Example Locksmith Company, Garage door company,Plumbing & A/C Heating Company etc.

Application and Documentation


Arvi Webaholic can assist you in completing the application for Local Services Ads and ensure that you provide all the necessary documentation and information required by Google. They can help you gather the required documents such as licenses, insurance certificates, and other relevant paperwork.

Business Optimization


To increase your chances of passing the screening process, a digital marketing agency can help optimize your business's online presence. This may involve improving your website, managing online reviews and ratings, and enhancing your online reputation. They can also guide you on implementing customer feedback systems and improving customer satisfaction.

Advertising Strategy


Local Services Ads play a crucial role in obtaining The Google Guarantee badge. A digital marketing agency can develop and implement an effective advertising strategy for your business using Local Services Ads. They can help you target the right audience, set up and manage ad campaigns, and optimize your ad performance to generate more leads.

Monitoring and Compliance

monitoring and compliance

Once you have obtained The Google Guarantee badge, the Arvi Webaholic can continue to monitor your business's performance, reviews, and ratings to ensure ongoing compliance with Google's standards. They can provide insights and recommendations on maintaining a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Remember, these are general ways a digital marketing agency might assist you, but the specific services and strategies may vary depending on the agency and your unique business needs. It's important to consult with Arvi Webaholic or any other digital marketing agency directly to discuss their specific offerings and how they can support you in obtaining The Google Guarantee badge.